Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between the 500mg and 1000mg strength Coconut Salves?

The difference in dose is the amount of medicine each salve contains. The 1000mg strength will have more CBD in it; therefore, more medicine! Not sure which you need? We got you! Try our 3 pack today! It's perfect for the CBD beginner!

Will CBD make me "high"?

No! Our CBD has such a small % of THC that you will not get "high" but you will get the great benefits of a Full Spectrum CBD plant which includes so many more medicinal goodies than Hemp or Broad Spectrum CBD (aka no THC whatsoever).

Is it okay if my animal consumes Dog Pause

Dog Pause isn't intended to be consumed AND each ingredient is 100% ingestible for most dogs, cats and most other animals (we all have our allergies and foods that don't react well in our bodies.) If concern for emergency please call your vet. If your animal is on other medications, we recommend consulting a physician before use of any CBD product.